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How long do eyelash extensions last?

Depending on how rough on your face you are, eyelash extensions typically last 2-3 weeks. 

Can you have an allergic reaction to lash adhesive? 

Yes, if you experience red swollen eyes after getting your lashes done this is most likely an allergic reaction. Take Benadryl and the reaction will go away in 24-48 hours. We do have a sensitive lash adhesive we can use if you experience this problem. 

How long does a lift & tint last?

A lift and tint lasts 6-8 weeks. The tint will fade in about 4-6 weeks and the lift will fall out as you lose your natural lashes during a shed cycle.

Why did I break out after my facial? 

If you have not had a facial in a long time or have sensitive skin then you may experience a small breakout after a facial. This is because it's the skin's external way to detoxify, ridding itself of toxins and impurities to reveal a more luminous skin. 

What type of wax do you use? 

We use sugar wax but use sticks and strips vs. the "hand sugaring" technique. 

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